We are certified according to the standards of the EC Eco Regulation EG 834/2007.
 Our control body is Prüfverein Verarbeitung ökologische Landbauprodukte e.V. with the control number DE-ÖKO-007. This certification ensures traceability and continuous control of our products from agriculture, production through to marketing.

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The brand Demeter stands for products gained from biodynamic agriculture. We have been Demeter certified since 2014 and can offer single oils of this quality.We intend to expand our range of Demeter products according to demand and availability.

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COSMOS Certified

For our customers from the cosmetic sector we offer the COSMOS certification corresponding to the regulations for natural and organic cosmetics of the BDIH. The better part of our products hold the EU organic certification DE-ÖKO-005 for food as well as the status COSMOS cerified for cosmetics. Organic non food products are just COSMOS certified.

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COSMOS Approved

Non organic products which are not gained from organic agriculture but comply with the BDIH regulations are COSMOS Approved. As some oils are not available in organic quality this certification offers the possibility of applying non organic oils in natural cosmetics.

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National Organic Program

The National Organic Program (NOP) is part of the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) and is responsible for organic agriculture and certification in the USA.

Since February 2012 the Equivalency Agreement has been in force - a mutual recognition of EU and US organic standards.
We still have resumed this certification as the agreement does not cover our cosmetic products and is only applicable for direct trade between USA and Europe.
Part of our products are now again available upon request as NOP certified.

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ISO 22000:2005

We are certified according to ISO 2000:2005 by TÜV Süd. By implementing the rules and norms of this quality system our processes are described in detail and constantly updated. This allows for frequent improvement to keep up with constant requirements and thus to ensure the contentment of our customers.

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The Kosher certification monitors the observance of the Jewish food laws. This certifications shows a growing demand especially for export products. We can offer most of our products as Kosher certified. Our control body is KLBD (London Beth Din Kashrut Division).

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EcoVeg is an independently controlled seal of quality for organic vegetable foods. The designation EcoVeg represents a firm connection of the two terms "Eco" = ecological/bio and "Veggie" = vegetable.

The seal offers the consumer clear information and an independently verified statement based on scientifically developed standards. The EcoVeg guidelines define the term "vegan" and independent institutes check compliance with the guidelines. The EcoVeg seal of approval, introduced in 2015, is intended to help bring clarity and expertise to concepts and advertising statements.

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