COSMOS certified

INCI Simmondsia Chinensis Seed Oil
Cas-No. 61789-91-1
Basic Plant

Simmondsia chinensis L., (Simmondsiaceae), Jojoba


Very oxidation stable. A liquid wax.


C18:1 Oleic acid: 5-15 %
C20:1 Eicoseic acid: 65-80 %
C22:1 Erucic acid: 10-20 %

Shelf Life

Very good shelf life

Available Qualities

cold pressed

Packaging / Container

canister, drum, IBC

Jojoba Oil


The history of the golden-yellow jojoba oil lies in the dilemma of whaling. Originally the cosmetics industry used spermaceti, a wax gained from whales, for its most luxurious products. When looking for a replacement, it was found in botanics. Jojoba oil with its chemical structure of C19H41COO-C20H41 has very similar attributes as spermaceti and can be used for the same applications. Today this history is unthinkable, but it took a long time before jojoba oil was as established as it is today. It is cultivated in South America, North America, Israel and Northern Africa. Our suppliers grow their jojoba nuts in Peru and Tunesia. As it is a desert plant it needs very special climatic circumstances that are only present in certain geographical locations. After early difficulties in agriculture jojoba oil has become established and will become the most important oil for quality cosmetics.

Special Characteristics

Jojoba oil and wax is a star among the cosmetic oils due to its composition. Strictly speaking jojoba oil is a wax that will turn liquid under certain conditions. As wax is famous for having a long shelf life, jojoba oil has the best shelf life of all natural oils and thus brings the ideal qualities for natural and organic cosmetics.

Application Cosmetics

Jojoba oil is absorbed well by the skin without leaving a greasy film. It has a great spreadability, absorbs deeply into the skin and regulates and stabilizes the moisture management of the skin. If used regularly it will make strained, dry and irritated skin more durable and smooth. Jojoba oil protects the skin from external influences with its high content of fat byproducts and Vitamin E and builds a light natural sunscreen.

Jojoba oil increases the shelf life of oil mixtures and is an ideal base oil for oil-mixtures and perfumes because of its neutral taste.

The nurturing properties of our Jojoba oil were confirmed in a cosmetic study by Dr. Hauck R & D GmbH in October 2015 with the parameters of hydration, sebum level, skin smoothing and erythem reduction, . The results may be requested from us.

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