COSMOS certified

INCI Orbignya Oleifera Seed Oil
Cas-No. 91078-92-1
Basic Plant

Orbignya martiana Barb. Rodr.  (Arecaceae - Palm Family), Babassu Palm


High content of lauric acid


C12:0 Lauric acid: 38-56 %
C14:0 Myristic acid: 11-27 %
C16:0 Palmitic acid 4-12%
C18:1 Oleic acid: 9-20 %

Shelf Life

Good shelf life

Available Qualities


Packaging / Container


Babassu Oil organic


Babassu oil is a light yellow to whitish oil with a pleasant nutty vanilla odour.

Special Characteristics

Due to its predominant portion of lauric acid the melting point is at 24°C and thus very similar to coconut oil, however Babassu oil feels lighter on the skin. It melts immediately with skin contact.

Application Cosmetics

Babassu oil is mainly used for skin and hair care. It is easily absorbed by the skin with a silky and smoothing effect and does not leave a sticky feeling. Babassu oil has moisturizing properties, a slightly cooling effect and supports self-protection capacities of the skin.

Babassu oil shows good spreading while reducing viscosity when used in emulsions. Its versatile characteristics allow a wide range of applications. For instance it is used for dry skin as well as for oily scalps and light inflammations or acne due to its antimicrobial and cooling effects.  It is also popular as a base oil for soap making as the severe creamy foaming feels smooth and soft.

Reference AOT

AOT obtains the oil from ASSEMA, an association of agricultural reform settlements in Maranhâo, Brazil. For further information see this interesting  article of ARD Weltspiegel.

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