DE-ÖKO 007
COSMOS certified

INCI Plukenetia volubilis Oil
Cas-No. -

C16:0 Palmitic acid: 3-8 %
C18:0 Stearic acid: 2-4 %
C18:1 Oleic acid: 8-12 %
C18:2 Linoleic acid: 30-40 %
C18:3 Alpha-Linolenic Acid: 45-58 %

Shelf Life

In original packaging minimum 18 months from production date.

Available Qualities

cold pressed

Packaging / Container

Canister, drum

Sacha Inchi Oil


Sacha Inchi oil is a bleached until amber-colored oil.

Special Characteristics

Sacha Inchi provides more omega- 3 -fatty acids than any other plant.

The perennial climbing plant originates from the Amazon region in Peru. The name Sacha Inchi comes from Quechua the language of the Peruvian natives and means mountain peanut. For centuries the plant has been traditionally grown as a medicinal plant and for crops by the indigenous population. The women of the different indigenous tribes in the Peruvian Andes still use the oil for cosmetics or mixed with dough for sore muscles or rheumatic illnesses.

Application Cosmetics

Sacha Inchi Oil is ideal for the care of inflammatory, dry and mature skin. It increases elasticity of the skin and has a cell-regenerating and activating effect. The oil of the Inka nut causes an improved skin appearance with skin irritations, inflammations, allergies or skin diseases like psoriasis and neurodermatitis. Dehydration is reduced and the natural balance is restored.  

The oil from the All Organic Treasures GmbH was tested by Dr. Hauck R&D GmbH in October 2015 for cosmetic efficacy on these four parameters:
hydration, sebum rise, skin smoothing and erythema reduction.
The results may be used by the customers of All Organic Treasures GmbH for their own purpose

Application Supplements

Omega-3-fatty acids are not just healthy but essential for the human organism. They protect the coronary vessels by preventing deposits and keeping the vessels elastic. Cardiac arrhythmia might be prevented this way. Omega-3-fatty acids reduce triglycerides where elevated levels indicate dyslipidemia. Moreover they have a positive effect on vessels, blood pressure and different inflammation factors. Omega-3-fatty acids are essential for our nerve cells, retina and skin. Regarding health benefits Sacha Inchi  is outstanding as the oil of the Inka nut is an excellent and natural source of essential fatty acids.

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