COSMOS certified

INCI Brassica Campestris Seed Oil
Cas-No. 8002-13-9
Basic Plant

Brassica campestris L., Brassicaceae; Rape oil 


Special fatty acids pattern. High content of oleic acid as well as linolenic acid and alpha-linolenic acid. 


C16:0 Palmitic acid: 1,5 - 6 %
C18:1 Oleic acid: 52 - 67 %
C18:2 Linoleic acid: 16-30 %
C18:3 Linolenic acid: 6-15%

Shelf Life

Good Shelf Life

Available Qualities

cold pressed

Packaging / Container

Canister, drum, IBC

Rapeseed Oil


The annual rape plant grows up to 60 - 140cm. Rape has golden-yellow blossom that grow in clusters of 20 - 60 single blossoms. The fruits are 5 - 10cm long husks that contain 12 to 20 dark, round seeds.

Rape used to have a high content of euricic acid but today different sorts that are low in euricic acid are used for food manufacturing.

Special Characteristics

Rapeseed oil has a special fatty acid profile. It contains the essential alpha-linolenic acid and different vitamins.

Application Cosmetics

Rapeseed oil is also popular in cosmetics. The oil is a good skin and massage oil due to its special fatty acid profile. It nourishes and soothes irritated and infectious skin and makes it stronger. Rapeseed oil is good for baby skin as well as adult skin.

Application Food

Rapeseed oil is a very versatile plant oil. The oil contains the essentielle alpha-linolenic acid and important vitamins. Thus rapeseed oil is a great cooking oil that is ideal for salads, steaming, frying or for making mayonnaise.

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