COSMOS certified

INCI Elaeis Guineensis Kernel Oil
Cas-No. 8023-79-8
Basic Plant

Elaeis guineensis Jacq. (Arecaceae - Palm Family), Oil Palm


Melting point 26-30°C.  high content of lauric acid. Resembles cocnut fat.


C8:0 Caprylsäure: 2-6 %
C10:0 Caprinsäure: 2- 5%
C12:0  lauric acid: 45-55 %
C14:0 Myristinsäure: 14-18 %
C16:0 Palmitic acid: 6-10 %
C18:0 Stearic acid: 1-3%
C18:1 Oleic acid: 12-19%
C18:2  Linoleic acid: 1-3 %

Shelf Life

Good shelf life

Available Qualities

Palmseed oil is a byproduct of palm production. The palm seeds endure the cold-pressing of the whole palm fruits unharmed and can be pressed after cleaning and removing of the shell.

Packaging / Container

carton, bucket

Palm Kernel Oil/ Fat


Palm kernel oil is a byproduct of palmfat production. The palm kernels survive the cold-pressing unharmed and can be pressed after cleaning and removing of the skin.

Special Characteristics

Palm kernel fat has a melting point of 26-30°C. In contrast to palm fat, palm kernel oil has a high content of saturated mid-chain lauric acid (palm fat: palmitic acid). Palm kernel oil resembles coconut oil.

Application Food

Palm kernel oil is mainly used in food processing. The oil is used for making margarine where the high content of mid-chein saturated fatty acids is used. Due to its typical melting behavior palm kernel oil is also used for making chocolate coatings, ice confectionary and cool melting chocolate fillings.

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