COSMOS certified

INCI Cyperus Esculentus Root Oil
Cas-No. 223748-92-3
Basic Plant

Cyperus exculentus L., Cyperaceae


Fine sweet taste.


C16:0 Palmitic acid: 10-16 %
C18:1 Oleic acid: 60-70 %
C18:2 Linoleic acid: 8-12 %

Shelf Life


Available Qualities

cold pressed

Packaging / Container

canister, drum

Tigernut Oil


The Tigernut belongs to the  flatsedge species and is related to the known tropical Papyrus. The subterraneous rhizomes produce brown, pea-sized, oleaginous fruits whose tasty flavour reminds of almonds and hazelnuts.

The Egyptians already used the nutty fruits as grave goods for the pharaos which shows the high significance of the tigernut as a cultural and food plant for thousands of years. In the 8th century Arabians  brought the tigernut to Spain where it is now cultivated in the region of Valencia. The Spanish name of the tigernut is Chufa.

Special Characteristics

Tigernut oil can be used to lower the cholesterol level due to its high content of oleic acid.  The bad LDL cholesterol is lowered while the good HDL cholesterol is raised. The vasodilatory effect prevents arteriosclerosis and arterial stiffness. The high content of oleic acid also supports the production of digestive juices in stomach, liver, gall and pancreas. Tigernut oil stimulates the bones to absorb calcium and supports the production of new bone cells which has a positive effect on osteoporosis.

Application Cosmetics

The mild oil with neutral smell is more and more used for cosmetics and body care due to its rich and valuable ingredients and its high content of natural vitamin E. It reduces cell ageing and increases skin elasticity delaying skin creases. The skin becomes smooth and enhanced. Tigernut oil has also a positive effect on the healing process of skin irritation and skin rashes.

Application Food

Regrettably tigernut oil is still hardly known although it is a healthy, very digestible oil for wholesome nutrition adding a nutty flavour to dishes. The golden yellow oil is ideal for refining crispy salads, sweets and desserts. Moreover tigernut oil shows a high heat resistance and is perfect for cooking, baking and frying. Its numerous valuable vital substances make a top quality edible oil.

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