Cas-No. 8001-21-6 8060-28-4 84776-03-4 4046-02-0 137-66-6 59-02-9 16698-35-4 154-28-4 119-13-1 9050-36-6

Antioxidant effect


Mixture from Sunflower Oil cold pressed organic, Tocopherols, bavarian hop extract and Ethylferulate

Shelf Life

In original packaging minimum 18 months from production date.
When residue occurs heat up under stirring to 60°C

Available Qualities

StoppOx® Fragrance

StoppOx® Emulsion L


StoppOx® Emulsion L is a yellow liquid wihtout off-smell

Special Characteristics

100% natural origin
Sustainably extends the Best By Date
Protects all active ingredients from disintegration
Liquid, thus easy to incorporate
Suitable for all oils and oil formulations
Absorbs UV rays
Tested for safety and effectiveness through numerous In Vivo and In Vitro Studies
Protects against formation of oxygen-induced allergens and irritations
Scent is neutral

Application Cosmetics

StoppOx® Emulsion L is a worldwide novel natural antioxidant for oils. Thanks to its unique protection against oxidation, StoppOx® Emulsion L ensures the high stability and safety of your oils and decisively extends the minimum shelf life.

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